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Definition: Of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something else.


Definition: A plan of action or policy designated to achieve a major or overall aim. 


Definition:  A number of individuals assembled together or having some unifying relationship.
My name is Merry McFadden, and I started this company because I was working with entrepreneurs who were amazing at what they did, but needed support in some of the business aspects of their company. I have been a successful Leader in working with the finance, operations, marketing, and sales components of their businesses. I love what I do, and I am so proud of the success of my clients!
Start my Project


A scary concept, but necessary for growth


We’ll choose the right door together. There is no cookie-cutter list of services or how we provide them to our clients. Our partnerships are as unique as the companies themselves. Knowing this, Pivotal Strategy Group assesses each company individually based on their goals, challenges and/or ideas. We then build a team of experts that meet each company’s specific needs. This team will create innovative solutions and work alongside company leaders to implement these solutions together.

Each client we work with is an expert in their own rite. They know what they do and how they do it better than anyone. Objectivity and experience in other fields can support and compliment the success of any business. This is what we offer to the community.

Your Challenges

Attract and Retain Employees

With 70% of American workers disengaged in their jobs, your environment is key in retaining and attracting the talent you need.

How to Encourage Innovation

Building a culture with a constant exchange of ideas involves finding the right formula for your company and culture.

Change Management

Effective change management can minimize the impact on productivity, avoid turnover of valued employees, eliminate negative impact on your customers and achieve the desired business outcomes.

Transform Strategy into Results

According to Fortune magazine, “70% of all strategies fail, largely because of the inability to execute”. To achieve results, strategic intent must be turned into implementable projects that are understood and owned by competent teams.

Performance Management

Performance management is the process by which an agency involves its employees in improving organization effectiveness in order to accomplish the company’s mission and/or goals.

Yearly Strategic Planning

Focuses on identifying the current, transition and future of business strategic objectives and includes scenario planning. Without planning there is no clear path to achieve the company’s goals.


Tony Testerman

CEO, Novalera Incorporated
"When I first met Merry of Pivotal Strategy Group, my business was on the verge of closing its doors. Merry came in and helped identify the immediate issues and helped implement the changes required to save my business. In the 2+ years we have been working with Merry, Novalera has gone from a failing startup to a successful six figure smart business able to hire employees. We are looking forward to rapid growth in the coming years. I could have not have done it without Merry."

Mark Grubb

CEO, First Response Heating & Cooling
Initially I was reluctant to hire a business coach. My partner and I are so happy that we chose to move forward in this process. Working with Pivotal Strategy Group has significantly impacted our business. Merry does not just advise us, but is invested in our success. She takes the time to learn our business, work with our staff and jumps in to become part of the solution. We are so glad that we decided to work with Pivotal Strategy Group, and are excited about our future success!

Lisa Hershey

CEO, Hershey Accounting & Tax Partners
Merry has been instrumental to the successes I have achieved in my business. She takes the time to understand your unique situation and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, to provide valuable meaningful feedback. She doesn't just help you set goals, she helps you achieve them.
I also have had the opportunity to witness Merry's impact on several mutual clients where I have seen the beneficial results in their businesses as well! The depth and breadth of experience she brings to the table would benefit any business owner! Truly an investment that will yeild results!


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