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Our Mission
To partner with companies to provide insight, perspective and solutions that allow for
growth, efficiency and continued success.


Of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something else.


A plan of action or policy designated to achieve a major or overall aim.


A number of individuals assembled together or having some unifying relationship.

This name wasn’t chosen at random . . . it means something and is the heart of the company.



We'll choose the right door together

There is no cookie-cutter list of services or how we provide services to our clients. Our partnerships are each as unique as the companies themselves. Knowing this, Pivotal Strategy Group assesses each company individually based on their goals, challenges and/or ideas. We then build a team of experts that meet each company’s specific needs. This team will create innovate solutions and work alongside company leaders to implement these solutions together.

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Your Challenges

Lets work together to solve the puzzle

Attract and retain employees

With 70% of American workers disengaged in their jobs, your environment is key in retaining and attracting the talent you need.

How to encourage innovation

Building a culture with a constant exchange of ideas involves finding the right formula for your company and culture.

Change management

Effective change management can minimize the impact on productivity, avoid turnover of valued employees, eliminate negative impact on your customers and achieve the desired business outcomes.

Transform strategy into results

According to Fortune magazine, “70% of all strategies fail, largely because of the inability to execute”. To achieve results, strategic intent must be turned into implementable projects that are understood and owned by competent teams.

Performance management

Performance management is the process by which an agency involves its employees in improving organization effectiveness in order to accomplish the company’s mission and/or goals.

Strategic workforce planning

Covers a three to five year forecast period. It focuses on identifying the current, transition and future of business strategic objectives and includes scenario planning. Without planning there is no clear path to achieve the company’s goals.

Employee engagement

Gallup did an extensive study of the effect of high employee engagement in 2012. They looked at almost 50,000 businesses that included roughly one and a half million employees in 34 countries and discovered that work organizations that score in the top half of employee engagement have double the odds of success of those in the bottom half. Not only that, but those at the 99th percentile of engagement have four times the success rate.


To partner with companies to provide insight, perspective and solutions that allow for growth, efficiency and continued success.

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